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Jason Ho is my coach

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My FTP your PS
  lachlan, Feb 09 2010

Wanting to move a few k, can anyone help?

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FTOPS in 2 days
  lachlan, Feb 08 2010

am looking to trade my FTP for ur PS, will send first if ur really well known, otherwise happy to do any increments u'd like

good opportunity to get money for FTOPS

pm me

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omg RUSH poker
  lachlan, Jan 19 2010

DISCLAIMER: this is a FTP$ / PS$ swap post

who wants to play, but you have no money on FTP!??

the rush games are a total fish fest. see fazi's post for reference (but hes also got skillz). and they'll only be this soft for 24 hours, until cardrunners comes out with a rush poker vid. this is the opportune time to reel them in.

also does anyone have any good table selection tips for Rush Poker?

done the trade a heap of times, check here for a list of LPers i've traded with already

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